Norfolk Mutual Insurance
Serving Nebraska Since 1890

Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company will safeguard the confidentiality and security of information we gather about you in connection with the issuance of insurance coverage.

We collect and use information only for business purposes. These business purposes include our evaluation of your request for insurance coverage, the issuance of insurance policies, the administration of claims and the processing of any other transactions requested by you.

Most of the information we gather comes directly from you on your application form. Information collection will generally relate to your finances, employment and transactions or claims with us or with other insurance companies. The information we have gathered about you will be maintained in a confidential manner.

Our employees may access such information only when there is an appropriate business reason to do so, such as to issue a policy, send a premium notice or process an insurance claim. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the information. We will disclose information when it is necessary for the conduct of our insurance business, or under circumstances where disclosure is required by law. Information may also be disclosed for audit purposes, to adjusters, to regulatory agencies, to reinsurance companies and to companies that provide data processing services or other general administrative services for us, other insurers, and consumer reporting agencies.

We do not disclose information about you to other companies who may want to sell their products to you. For example, we will not sell or otherwise disclose your name and address to a company that seeks to issue you a credit card or send you a catalog.